Saturday, June 4, 2016

#WorldInteriorsDay With Asian Paints and Shruti Gupte!

Color, is the difference between a dull and gloomy image, and a bright and cheerful one. Choosing the right color for different situations, is vital in Interior Decoration. Asian Paints have driven home this point for the last 74 years! India's largest paint company enjoys a massive turnover of Rs. 141.83 billion, operating in 19 different countries housing 26 manufacturing facilities, serving customers from over 65 different countries. But availability of the product alone is not enough to understand the art of Interior Decoration. Many people assume that color adds nothing but a visual appeal to a scene. However, as we found out, this is never the case!

In lieu of World Interiors Day, Asian Paints set up a wonderful workshop in their signature `Color Store`. Located in CP, the workshop was set up to educate consumers and interior decorators alike, and give them some insight into how color and design can change their space entirely. Shruti Gupte, a veteran Film Production Designer who has worked on movies like "Aisha", "Taare Zamin Par" and "Khoobsurat" among others, hosted the workshop and dropped some major knowledge bombs on the audience.

The essence of the workshop was in understanding how we can draw inspiration from the various home and office spaces depicted in our favorite movies, and how we can bring home a piece of that fantasy. Shruti explained how color does more than just decorate, it sets the mood and determines the personality of that space. (Companies like Google have used this to design their offices with Productivity and Comfort in mind, allowing their employees to enjoy these tiny subliminal messages).

The workshop also saw a quick session with Amit Syngle, President - Sales, Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints. He shared his views on how Asian Paints helps the consumer in choosing the right color for their space, as well as offering first hand experience through several amazing DIY activities, engaging and educating them in the wonders of color and its manipulation. He also added that the idea to include a film themed event, stemmed from the fact that Movies and Television offer us some of the best dreams and fantasies for us to enjoy, and what better way to fuel this addiction than to bring a part of that experience right into your home!

By being experts in their production process, as well as taking the time to help consumers make their decisions based on their requirements and not on price, Asian Paints continues to remain among the titans of the paint industry, with a following of fans, and not just customers. I strongly urge you to visit their store and see for yourself, because this is one picture, that even a thousand words cannot describe.

Asian Paints Colour Stores are located in New Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata 

Kashi House, A-3/8a, Radial Road Number 2, Connaught Lane, New Delhi, DL 110001 Tel. 011-41501676, 011-41501677 

Dheeraj Plaza, Hill Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400 050 Tel. 26431074 Fax 26431074 

Shop No 308A, Forum Mall, 10/3 Elgin Road, Kolkata, West Bengal -700020 
Mobile: 09681059426, 09681568321

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