Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cleaning Home is Hassle Free This Monsoon !

One of the greatest challenges that humans have faced, right from the earliest days, was plumbing and sanitation. Getting water where it needs to go, and drawing away waste, has been one of the biggest logistical nightmares we have ever faced. 

Gone are the days of open gutters filled with human waste. As civilization began to develop itself, our prowess in handling these issues improved vastly. Today, we live in a world where you won't have to think twice about Sanitation, thanks to the wonderful people who make our plumbing systems work.

However, like anything else, there are several natural factors that hinder these systems. Even with impeccable planning during construction, the process of building a home is complicated. For example, let’s talk about corrosion over time.

Water is one of the two integral components in the creation of rust. Rust can damage even a well-built system, by weakening its base material and causing it to be ineffective. It always starts off as something as innocent as a tiny little leak, which we often ignore. This leads to water damage over time, especially to bathroom tiling and stone walls. 

One way to prevent all of this, is to find a waterproofing solution, and apply it early. As the famous saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! And one such cure that I recently found is Dr. Fixit  

Dr. Fixit helps provide an easy and affordable waterproofing solution, and can help you avoid a damp home during the monsoon seasons. By providing a good layer of insulation against water damage, it contains leaks and prevents them from damaging other parts of the structure. This gives us enough time to find and plug the source of the leak itself.

While construction related issues serve as a problem for house owners and builders alike, they are rarely a concern for tenants who stay in a rented space. What they do have to face, however, is keeping their homes clean.

Cleaning your own personal space on earth is a duty that falls on you, and you alone. Hiring help is possible of course, but still the person who is impacted by an unclean home at the end of the day, is only you. This is why we expend so much of our precious time and energy (and money!) in making sure our homes are clean.

Dust and loose dirt are easy to clean, all it takes is a broom and a few minutes of your time (depending on the size of your home, of course!). But the 80-20 rule applies here too, as we spend 80% of our time cleaning 20% of the dirt. And why is this you ask? Well, anyone who asks that has clearly never tried to clean a stain before!

Stains are the bane of your existence, if your goal is to have a spotless home. They are such a hassle to deal with, that many just choose to ignore them instead. While they rarely cause problems with the structure's integrity, they are an eyesore. Even when showing guests around, there is always an apologetic nod towards these stains.

There exist many "solutions" in the market to deal with these. A few of these work, many take down the intensity of the stain, and most do not work at all. These stains are not ordinary dirt, they are stains that are cause by long term exposure to chemicals (remember, even water is a chemical, and is a part of several corrosive reactions that occur in the environment).

I tried out Roff's ‘Cera Clean’, which turned out to be among the few that work. I was pretty surprised when the stains disappeared with light application and scrubbing, rather than the hour of scrubbing that I was mentally preparing myself for. Unlike many cleaning solutions that use abrasiveness and brute force to muscle the stain out, Cera Clean uses components that break down and reverse these chemical processes, and eliminates the bond that holds the stains so firmly.

I used a very small portion of their standard sized bottle, and managed to remove nearly every tough stain I could find, in a single Sunday afternoon! Tile stains from leaky faucets, those annoying "rings" that form under buckets, and even grease stains in the kitchen, were eradicated with, what still feels like, unreasonably little effort.

I'm very happy that I managed to find this solution before the monsoon hits, because the monsoon season is the worst time when it comes to cleaning. The constant rains and moisture in the air leads to a whole world of pain, with moulds, rust, and water seepage. So finding this solution, which is strong enough to be used for industrial purposes, is as important taking Winterfell before winter arrives!(apologies to all my Non-GoT-Watching readers!)

Happy reading, and more importantly, here's to a dry home this monsoon!

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