Sunday, July 31, 2016

Quick Review - Biobloom Jasmine Face Mist

I'm a sucker for face mists, especially when they are all organic and doesn't strip off natural oils off my skin. These days there are tremendous options out there for great face mist.
In one of my beauty Subscription boxes I received Biobloom Jasmine Face Mist. I have used few products from this brand earlier as well, especially its soaps are to die for. Products are free from Parabens, Formaldehde, Sulphates and petrochemicals. These products are natural ingredients based, not tested on animals and are environmental friendly as well.

Let's get into the quick review of the Jasmine Face Mist.


Price - Rs 250 for 50 ml.

Shelf Life - 18 months

Ingredients- Jasmine Water, Flower extract, Purified Water and Sodium Benzoate.

Packaging - Comes in a transparent palm size bottle with spray pump. Super convenient to travel with.

My Experience. - I have been using this Mist for over 2 weeks now and i absolutely love its mild floral fragrance. It refreshes my face so well, all fatigue and dullness goes down the drain. Mist is not only therapeutic experience because of it aroma but it also helps in soothing and refreshing the skin without drying it out. I use it at least 2-4 times as day, Whenever I feel dull and saturated, this tiny mist helps in uplifting my mood and spirit.

It is bit on the expensive side but I feel it does its job really well.

I totally recommend it, especially for travel purposes.


  1. Sounds like a nice face mist minus a lot of harmful chemicals. I wouldn't mind paying the extra money just for this.

  2. Looks like a good face mist.Thanks for the review.

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